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Default Re: Just got my Tangiers Phunnel Bowl…a bit of a anti-climax

in my opinion, tangiers phunnels kick ass. I will admit, when i got my first phunnel, i was disappointed the first few times using it. BUT, once you get used to how to pack it and the heat management, the phunnel bowl is great. it is the only bowl i use anymore unless i don't have a lot of shisha left and i don't feel like messing with the mod.

i can't say much on the vortex, i have never used one, so i can't compare, but i do know i love my phunnels.

as for the chinese phunnel, don't waste your money, they are inferior to the tangiers phunnel, i have never owned one, but i have heard to many horror stories to give it a try. 1st, i have been told they break much easier. 2nd, i like supporting the innovator. and 3. i have been told they don't retain heat nearly as well.

that is another thing you are going to want to look at with the vortex, will it retain heat like a phunnel bowl will? i don't know the answer to that, but i do know my phunnels retain heat like crazy. hell, if i have 2 coals sitting on my phunnel and i go to take it off, i have to use a rag because the thing is so hot, plus i have to let it sit for a long ass time before handling it. and yes, that is a GOOD thing, that means the shisha is getting warmed up a lot better.

like i said though, i can't speak for the vortex because i have never owned one, but i can give my observations on the tangiers phunnels.
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