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Default Re: Just got my Tangiers Phunnel Bowl…a bit of a anti-climax

ive had ok luck with the phunnel personally, my friends have gotten a crappy phunnel that had that issue. honestly i am not impressed with the design.

i am starting to get more and more to the thinking of dunkel, i dont totally blow off tangiers at this point but i am really thinking its a pretty big joke, then again if you look at a lot of the consistency and "quality" that is forced on us and cons us out of money (egyptian glass and the "hand made quality" ) its not a big surprise. <rant> i still call bull shit on humidity shock </rant> sorry.

i did have a lot better luck with the scali mod, even with tangiers (but o no thats the wrong way... probably because it doesnt waste as much tobacco). over all though honestly a good egyptian bowl is the way to go for me, vortex for the tangiers i can get to work.

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