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Default Re: Just got my Tangiers Phunnel Bowl…a bit of a anti-climax

I've smoked out of every kind of bowl mentioned in this thread: egyptian, vortex, and different derivations of phunnels. From my experience, and this isn't coming from a one-sided standpoint, the phunnels come out on top, followed by the egyptians, closely followed by the vortex bowls. All three bowls provided amazing smoke, but I just feel that my phunnel gets the best smoke, the longest sessions, and is multi-fuctional with various brands of shisa. I'll have to make a video of my vortex vs. phunnel debate, but we've done both and conclude that phunnels take the cake. And Tangiers shisha isn't crap by any means. It's touchy, yes, but amazing all the same.
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