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Default AF Medium Solid Help

Hey guys, I just picked up a used AF Medium Solid and tested it out for the first time tonight. I'm sure I will figure things out through trial and error but it's discouraging since I feel like I'm newb with my AF when my KM smokes like a beast. My session included the egyptian bowl which comes with the hookah, 3 coco nara's, nammor hose, heba diffuser, SB pina colada.

At first I felt like there was too little water the first time around so I added some more, about 1.5 inches above the stem and the diffuser. It just felt like I was getting thinner smoke than usual and the water level seemed to just not be right. I think I would be more confidant using my vortex next time, but I was wondering if any of you AF owners out there had the water level down to an exact science? Also, how are you using/placing the large heba diffuser on this piece?

My last inquiry is, everyone including vendors claim this hookah to be a 30" hookah, but it measures at least 3 inches smaller than my 28" KM...
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