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Exclamation Hookah First Buy! now...should i get a Caravan Hose???

I did knew some things about hookahs a long time ago but just recently make my first buy, kinda good cause im in Lima - Peru - South America and like almost nobody here knows about hookahs, but i bought mine on ebay, not so expensive for the shipping and it got here very well packed and everything...

The thing is that the draw is kind of hard if i want to taste the flavor or get a decent amount of smoke, i get a real low amount of smoke, with the fabric hose that came with it..i have a 22" double hose hookah, my first one i will definitely improve on time...but...should i get a Caravan Grand hose to solve the problem?, i mean is it a good buy, i dont know other place to search for hookah stuff beside ebay but...anyway open for comments, tips, advices, anything! Thank you!

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