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Default Vortex: Round 2

Got home yesterday and opened my package from Hookah Hookah. In it I find my 100g of Atomic Fireball and my second vortex bowl. If you guys don't remember, I bought a vortex a few weeks back and after 20 minutes everything was done. It did not matter if I used 1 coconara or 3. I didn't see what the hype was about.

Well I can say today, that my last vortex had to be defective somehow. I left instructions for Hookah Hookah to send me a vortex with the holes on the spire as close to the top as possible, which they did. I loaded a bowl of Atomic Fireball into this vortex, put on 3 coconaras, and was impressed. The flavor was magnificent, the clouds were amazing, the heat management was super easy, and I have found my new go to bowl. I see what the hype is all about now.

When I took the first draw the smoke was so huge and thick, my wife literally had to fan it with her hands so she could talk to me. This lasted almost threw the entire session, which went for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I will be ordering another vortex from them next month, just as a back up. This bowl is awesome! I am sorry I doubted this bowl a few weeks ago.
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