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Originally Posted by killak3v View Post
damn man i just put my order in with hookah shisha and its coming in todai but i regret picking somethings up like coconars a nammor hose and a vortex bowl well seeing that HS doesnt have a vortex bowl i feel better lol i will be gettin a nammor giza vortex and coconaras next come around im glad you like i must try this thing man how is the atomic fireball shisha
Coconaras are awesome, by far my fav coals.
Nammor is awesome, I have a large black one and have another coming today
Vortex is awesome, recommend SS or Hookah Hookah, since they listen to your comments.

Atomic Fireball, well... it was alright. Not the punch of cinnamon I was looking for. I am looking for a cinnamon that is really strong and kind of burns like big red gum. But I will be getting more Atomic Fireball for sure.
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