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Default Re: My Most Frequently Used Narghiles

Hello all,

The Turkish one is fantastic in every respect it except it's a monster to clean any narghile will give you a bad session if not perfectly clean. Still, it was had made by a friend of the family and the art work is great, traditional Islamic art which I am too ignorant of to discuss without digging up my notes. The Lüle is the only one i've used made of metal and it works best with somewhat dryer shisha and comes from Marpuççular while the rest of the rig is from Van.

The blue one is a great Syrian rig I got from Jimmy Zaid and has a brass core which looks to 5mm thick and is super heavy. The flow is great, everything fits perfectly so I can hardily recommend it. The bowl is huge and takes a bit of work to mount properly but it's wide and shallow and ideally suited to traditional tombac. You need a bowl like that if you want to smoke tombac the traditional way.

The gold & marble one is an Arabica Souk deal from Syria. It's got flawless craftsmanship and a very heavy brass core welded to a stainless steel sheath and the purge valve and release are best I've ever seen. This is very heavy rig and every weld and bit of finish is perfect.

The Syrians both have excellent glass (no bubbles or striations, very thick and consistant colour) and frankly, I think that as a rule, Syrian glass is better made then Egyptian. A good thing all have in common is that they provide cool smoke with a easy draw which I think is partly due to the tubing and weld quality but also is a result of the height. In my experience narghiles over 95cm almost always are a hard draw while those under 62cm smoke to hot and harsh for my taste.
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