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Default Mysterious Egyptian Mu'essel

I Got an excited phone call from by pal Javier whom I wrote about in the "Cosmic Horror and Smoking" thread with news of a mysterious and new, to me at least, Egyptian Mu'essel. Javier recently retired and relocated to the charming city of Al Ghardaqah and since he has lots of time and isn't cursed by my pathetic linguistic ability travels a great deal in the Southern portions of Egypt.

In any case he picked up a mu'essel I never heard of called "mu'essel Qalamoun" which as I understand it is not a moassel at all but rather an old fashioned jurak simelar to those found in the KSA. Apparently it's got a strong taste of fire fire cured tobacco with a definite Turkish/Balkan type quality with noticeable nutty and mint like flavours. He is sending a bit and i'll write a review and post pictures when I get some.

I wonder if anyone here has ever heard of this stuff or has any any idea what "Qalamoun" refers to?
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