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Talking Killed a coil burner

So after ~5 years of faithful service, I went out to the garage placed a set of coals on my trusty coil burner. While the coals got started, I came inside to pack my tasty bowl of NDA and set up my Temsah wheat. A few minutes later I went out to retrieve my glowing red coco's and reached to turn off the burner. As I did so, I hear a little "popping sound" and noticed a bit of smoke coming from beneath the pan under the coils

I proceeded to remove the coals, unplug the burner, and set it on the ground clear of anything. Fortunately there was no damage to anything but the burner, but I guess you could say it was "cooked" lol. A quick check on Walgreen's website revealed that the local store had one in stock, so a quick trip into town and I was back in business

Anybody else manage to kill an electric coil burner? Any good stories?
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