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Default Re: On a hunt for MINT

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Sup FlyingRock .. long time no see!

I would recommend Nakhla Mizo Mint .. it is CRAZY Strong! Toooo strong for my lungs in a good way, very cool and refreshing! But if you ever sucked in cold air on a cold morning, you know that cough you can't surpress? It is like that ..

Mizo mint it is! That's the sensation i'm looking for.

And i know right? Lifes been hectic so i havent been able to lurk much lately (about to move half way across the good ol us of a) how you been Sambooka? I was worried no one would know who i am haha.

Edit: Nahkla Mint is my personal favorite well so far at least, but some times i want to feel like i'm breathing in a very cold morning dew.

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