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Default Re: Omg I bought a KM custom made for 40 pounds

Originally Posted by omar1 View Post
Do you have to push it down a lot? Cause I could not fit 25 grams without pushing it down a lot and do you put flavour below the holes? I'm going to try again with Lemmon apple hoping I get a good shisha <_< i've wasted 6 coals trying haha

also my km don't stand straight and the vibration causes coals to move. >_<
Is there a reason you are trying to packs 25 grams into the vortex? It should be able to take it but there is no set number of grams that you have to use to have it smoke well.

Mix up the tobacco, let it sit in the bowl at about the same density that it has after stirring, packed under the edge of the bowl, don't push the foil down and make sure that the foil is tight. Poke the holes and make sure it's tight again. Only use two coals and see how that treats you.
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