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Default Re: how about the ed hardy

Wow, just visited their blog

Originally Posted by Them folks
The rumors of Ed Hardy Hookah costing 600 dollars, or being made of cheap chinese crap, or having a plastic ash tray (when it is in fact made of glass) are rumors that were surprising because of how counter productive they are to hookah shops and Hookah bars. Other times these rumors were so frustrating because they were held with some kind of cultural pride.

Ed Hardy Hookah is saying that the whole idea of Hookah’s were to be original, special, personal. And every time we hear these hookah shops spread lies about Ed Hardy Hookah, we know that they say they are protecting Hookah culture because their afraid their loosing control of hookah culture. Afraid of having to think and compete.

If you own a hookah shop, why don’t you want to be a hookah bar that offers your patrons the quality and choices they deserve? Do you tell your customers about Hookah traditions because you want to snake charm them to buy from you just long enough for you to sell your hookah bar? Is it because you make your living off of selling cheap hookahs and dirty hookahs to customers who believe that this is the hookah tradition?
Doesn’t anyone notice how every hookah bar has the same hookahs and same styles? And no one feels like creating their own hookahs? Their own versions? styles? flavors? Thats what Ed Hardy hookah does. We aimed for original. Its time for the Hookah customer to think about what the other guys aimed for.
If you go to the site, you'll notice one of the tags on this entry is 4 2 0.(Please don't ban me- Making a point here) Now, what's this about cultural pride? It's this kind of douchey college stoner fuckery that makes us all look bad. Not to mention the talking about hookah lounge owners and a 600-year old tradition.

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