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Default Re: Interview with Dr Kamal Chaouachi

I found several points of interest in the interview which i'll mention briefly just to see what everyone else thinks of them.

The matter of tobacco research being done entirely by people that openly advocate prohibition and view "research" as a way to help advance the cause rather then science well put but not new to me. What was new to me is that pharmaceutical companies and anti-tobacco lobby groups are such a major funding source for tobacco research. Apparently the public unaware of that issue and not too many people have clued into the fact that a researcher that doesn't get results that his paymasters want is *******ally unemployed is a matter that really needs a bit more attention.

Lastly I found the discussion about condemning dissidents an interesting thing in that supposed scientists have given up even pretending to be objective and instead adopt the tone of commissars. The point about how overwhelming the evidence is supporting the prohibitionist position reminds me of other issues in which science has become a tool to support political/financial agendas and the data is forced to fit a policy goal or it's ignored.
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