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Default Re: Mouth Bite with Hookah

I'm also a pipe smoker. (as well as cigars, shisha, snuff, and snus user)

For those that don't know what he's referring too when you are a pipe smoker sometimes certain tobacco's don't mix well with you bodies chemistry and cause a slight chemical burn in the surface of your mouth.

The best way I can describe the feeling is, its like when you burn your mouth from eating hot food while at the same time all the taste buds on your tongue feel inflamed.

Its a combination of things that cause it with pipe tobacco.
1. Heat. Pipe tobacco can get hotter then other forms of smoking, the harder you draw with the pipe the hotter it gets, you can lessen tongue bite by practicing and smoking cooler.
2. Steam. Pipe tobacco can vary but some (especially aromatic tobacco) can be very wet and cause a lot of steam. That steam carries over the chemicals that cause bite more easily.
3 tobacco chemistry combined with your own body chemistry. Much more complicated and less understood, its possible your particularly susceptible to tongue bite. But even if you are, your the first person I've heard of to have this problem with cigars.

While I'm perplexed as to why you'd get this with cigar smoke, i'm dumbfounded its happening with shisha. For starters it doesn't get much cooler then smoking through a water cooled pipe. Secondly your not so much burning tobacco as baking it which shouldn't release near as much chemicals as a pipe. Third your not smoking tobacco alone, but smoking it dripping in flavorings.

You did mention this just starting happening, I'd guess that your extremely susceptible to tongue bite to begin with and your body chemistry has changed due to diet or environmental changes such that your now having problems with shisha tobacco you haven't before. Try other brands/flavors and see if its happening with just some brands and not others. Even with that i'd say you have to be overcooking the tobacco somehow to release enough chemicals to remain unfiltered by the water and still hit your mouth in high enough concentrations to cause bite.

Either that or your getting bite from the pipe smoking and the shisha smoking is somehow tweaking the bite you already have. Its still strange but a little more plausible then the shisha causing it.

The fastest easiest solution I can come up with is drink LOTS more liquid which should wash your mouth out more and prevent bite, and alter your setup such that your not overcooking the tobacco. Try different tobacco's and find ones that dont bite as bad, much as pipe smoker has to do. The harder slower suggestion is find out whats changed your personal change it back. Afraid your on your own as to how to accomplish the last one
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