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Default Re: Omg I bought a KM custom made for 40 pounds

yeh i retried it this time and i packed it down, at first i used 3 al fakher coals, then when they died i used 2, i packed it fairly down, but the flavour wasnt all that =/ ive smoked same flavour in a egyptian bowl and i can tell you it tasted so much better. however the flavour did get stronger after around 20 minutes, but the bowl was super hot... I just said okay =/ lets carry it on, i smoked strawberry apple and mint. Not my favourite but its pretty aite.. i dono it just feels that something wasnt doing it :S i cudnt get the usual taste to it. Maybe cause im used to the slight burned taste of shisha. Ohwell it wasnt too bad.

I might buy another KM now lol can some help me to find what version this is, cause ive seen stuff similiar to it but not the exact type.
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