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I have arrived here by recommendation from the youtube channel and i have a problem with rust.
Recently i have purchased my first hookah, from a local store. It looked fine at the time but a week in it started to rust and now it has a considerable amount of rust in the "heart" (where the hose connects and the valve is), i don't know what you really call this piece.
I've tried keeping it in vinegar for a few days and it did remove a lot of the rust but not so much the rust on the inside. I have no means of getting inside this part of the hookah and there is little more i can do to remove the rust. Now, this was a cheap hookah, no more than $25, and quality-wise there isn't much i can get in my country. The only name that i've found on a site from around here is Al-Faker.
I would like to replace this part because the rest of the hookah is fine and rust free. Unfortunately i have found no place that sells them.
I am on a student budget and can't afford the replace the whole thing, let alone with something that i can be sure won't be ruined quickly.
Please, if you can, support me with some advice.

Thank you,
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