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Default Re: how about the ed hardy

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
The reason I detest Ed hardy stuff is not because it's cheesy, over priced or even because sell Mya stuff at twice the price. The reason EH stuff bugs me so much is because it's taking a wonderful heritage of craftsmanship and sublime delight and turning it into just another vapid consumer trade designed to make some talentless marketing firm rich. The fact that it's cheesy, low class designs made in some Chinese factory with slave labour doesn't help and the insanely high prices make it worse still.

I read the blog and bit about quality and individuality and I have snicker because the idea that having something trendy and designer is an act of mindless conformity.

Basically I see EH and SB/fantasia as gimmicks rather then something of substance. Star Buzz and Ed Hardy seem as far removed our hobby as Green Day is from real punk rock or cheese wiz is from Gorgonzola or politics from honesty
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