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Default Re: Where to find a particular type of bowl?

Originally Posted by Mordwyn View Post
The owner of my local lounge, an Egyptian expat, has introduced me to the more traditiional way of hooka with the strong black moassle and no foil. He uses a very broad shallow clay bowl for this and I have been looking to pick one of these up. Any body know any vendors online who carry this kind of bowl?

The only thing you should ever smoke without a screen/foil is tombac. I've spent a good deal of time in the Middle East and I am huge fan of black moassel and I have never seen anyone smoke it without foil. Of course back there the stuff is a bit fresher and while still fairly dry it's far from the dessicated stuff we in the West get.

As to the bowl I believe you are referring to a tombac style bowl and those come in either clay or brass styles. Neither are found in the West except if you are extremely lucky. They tend to have a diameter much greater then normal bowls, larger holes, thicker walls and are a good deal shallower then most moassel type bowls. Often times they come with wire cages to help hold the leaf in place. I have one and it's up on my photobucket page.

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