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Angry Something wrong with my hookahs!

hey guys, well ive been smoking hookah for ages and decided to get a hookah about a year ago.

it was a KM 22" iirc.

i had loads of problems with it not smoking well and basically tasting like shite, tried everything, packing was ok, coals were spot on, flavour was ok, cleaned it out loads of times, different bowls tried, different foils, different pipe, different coals, everything! but still hardly any flavour and a shite taste sometimes.

so i bought a mya, my m8 owns a hookah lounge and has been using mya's for years. i bought one off him brand new.

so i smoke this a few times and i still dont get hardly any flavour, maybe at the start its ok but not like my friends hookah's or when i goto a hookah bar.

could it be due to me not cleaning the hookah after every use, cos i smoke it and then put it in the corner, take the coal off the bowl first.

ive cleaned it out and its still the same.

its not the way i make it too as ive given it to a friend and he said it smokes crap. i dont know what to do, might just buy a second hand one that someones smoked already?

what dya think?!
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