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Default Re: Something wrong with my hookahs!

First things first Scrub both stems out and make sure the purges and Hose ports are clean. Next make sure the vases and Bowls are clean. So some hot water and stem brushes are called for. Next make sure all the grommets are clean and functional. A bit of cheap Vodka or lemon juice and baking soda can also be used to clean the stems and vases. Next make sure if your hoses is washable if not Beat them on the floor and blow the accumulated gunk out. If the hoses is washable block the one end and fill with lemon juice and baking powder and let it sit for a while. Then rinse the hose with luke warm water and let dry. Make sure after cleaning the vases bowls and stems you rinse them in clean cold water.

When you blow the hose out blow them onto a clean white sheet check for rust in the residue that comes out.

Once you know that both the Hookahs are clean and fresh then start assembling them.

Water 1 inch above down stem put empty bowl on and check for air leaks.
Next put the tobacco in the bowl (separate the pieces and fluff it up so it is just under the rim of the bowl)( Besure to mix the tobacco and juices up before placing in the bowl).
Place foil over the bowl 1 layer of HD or 2 of normal foil. Poke the holes through the tobacco to the base of the bowl I use about 9 holes with a toothpick in a circle patern 6 around the outside and 3 in the middle I try to line up the middle holes with 3 holes that run through the base of the bowl.
I use ql coals for that is all i can get here I split the coals into 3 parts and light them when Grey and ashed over I place them on the rim of the bowl and give the tobacco a couple of minutes to warm up. I hope this helps
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