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Default Re: Omg I bought a KM custom made for 40 pounds

AHAHHA ********** are selling the same shisha pipe as me, non customised for 139.99 WOW thats expensive _

http://www.**********.com/ heres the link =/ the tray bowl is not the same, the glass bowl is not the same, mine has pharoas on it and is not got frosted colour over it. the pipe also has our name and is custom to the shisha pipe.

This is quite sad that you lot pay such big prices... may i ask why? when i was able to buy one for literally 70$ =/ nearly half the price of what usa people are buying.

and patel, if you said u saw this over 2 years ago, that means my shisha and the one at ********** is not 2010 series, so that means that there just selling old shishas. Which im sure isnt true as ********** seems like a very good supplier.
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