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Default Re: Where to find a particular type of bowl?

Personally I don't like ungazed bowls because they tend to be harder to clean and more fragile then glazed bowls. Also, for tombac the type of bowls mentioned are not that great in my opinion since the bottoms are not flat which makes packing more difficult. Further more, the single large hole means that a great deal of care needs to be used when shredding the tombac to assure the pieces are long enough that they don't fall in or other wise clog the holes.

Ideally I'd want a traditional brass tombac bowl but when i've seen them for sale they don't fit any of the stems on my narghile.

That is why I use the tombac bowl pictured in my gallery. It works great and is easy to pack/clean.

Again I don't think that black moassel should be smoked like tombac and I think if you try it that way and then try using the method I talk about you'll see why.
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