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Default Re: Bored? Come HeRe! *What are you...?*

#1 What are you Listening/Watching at the moment? (Music,Tv Show..?) Ozzy Osborne on Sirius' Boneyard channel

#2 Are you smoking shisha? If so, what brand&Flavor? no, but can't wait, 3 more hours

#3 The most exiting moment you had today? (if you wanna share)yelling at my kids

#4 The worst moment you had today? (If you wanna share)yelling at my kids

#5 If you could have 1 free Hookah + 1KG Of shisha, Which Hookah/Flavor would it be? tough one, i have a lot of both atm

#6 Something that happened on your local news or you saw during the day that Made you either Happy/Shock you and explain why? (Dont state name here for people privacy) *exept if its a celeb or whatso!haven't watched tv all day

#7 What Make HookahPro the place to go for you and what would you like to see in the future to improve forum? (Added 6:24Pm Eastern)tons of activity always, new members always, i am always learning new things here and try to offer as much knowldge i can as well. improvements, hmmm, get rid of mahir @ nazar.....totally kidding, my favorite friendly competitor, idk what improvements could be made, just keep going.
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