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Default Re: Bored? Come HeRe! *What are you...?*

1- some indian dude on comedy central, hes pretty funny

2-not smoking now but i smoked tangiers new lime earlier today

3- most exciting, i got some reviews published on a glass working web site

4- worst was probably finding out what the crazy russian metals instructor wants us to do this semester, gona be a bitch

5- one free hookah, probably a custom made hookah by myself, i would need a good 40-50 hours of work and probably 200 bucks worth of metals, and if i wanted to go crazy might as well go all out and use some gold and set some stones so it would be a crap lot higher. as to tobacco either maybe another kilo of double apple nakhla or a theoretically perfect (to me) mint

6- well its an old news story but it was pissing me off today, a williamsburg/james city county cop who was going home with a crusier so he was "on duty" ran a red light and hit a jeep cherokee causing it to flip multiple times before it hit another vehicle to stop it. and this department has like 40+ accidents in the last 5 years cause there is an abnormally high amount of pigs (i only refer to bad cops as pigs) in their department. they do illegal searches (friend had to go to court to testify for his brothers friend when he witnessed this and the judge gave the cop a warning in open court), they tail gate to pace then pull people over for going "90" when they were obeying the speed limit and just hassle them then let them go (same friend, and it was just because he drove a sports car). and this department just pulls sovereign immunity (va is the only state that still really has this in effect) and gets out of all sorts of shit

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