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Default Re: Bored? Come HeRe! *What are you...?*

#1 What are you Listening/Watching at the moment? (Music,Tv Show..?) Just watched the Jazz lose to Denver.

#2 Are you smoking shisha? Al fakher grenadine 90% with 10% al fakher grape mint

#3 The most exiting moment you had today? Bought some new clothes

#4 The worst moment you had today? Being tired as hell this morning

#5 If you could have 1 free Hookah + 1KG Of shisha, Which Hookah/Flavor would it be? meduse brute, and tangiers kashmir peach

#6 Something that happened on your local news or you saw during the day that Made you either Happy/Shock you and explain why? (Dont state name here for people privacy) *exept if its a celeb or whatso! The jets got pwnd

#7 What Make HookahPro the place to go for you and what would you like to see in the future to improve forum? An awesome community of well informed people sharing great information. I can't thing of any additions I'd like to see.
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