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Default Re: Glass hookah hose tip

Originally Posted by swaflyer1 View Post
i dont mean to shoot you down or anything, but i would HIGHLY advise against glass drop it once in the sink and there goes ur investment...
Why would you not buy a nice quality piece just because it MIGHT break? (although mine feels extremely durable and I just dropped it in my sink and it's fine)

Anything can break, why let that stop you from having nice things?

That's like saying, I would HIGHLY advise against buying a Ferrari.. one wrong turn and there goes your investment.

Originally Posted by whordehey View Post
It looks like they don't have the hookahs on their website anymore. Do they still make/sell them?
I'm not sure what Santino's plans are with the hookahs but if you get the chance BUY ONE! They're amazing!
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