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Default Re: Bored? Come HeRe! *What are you...?*

#1 What are you Listening/Watching at the moment? (Music,Tv Show..?) Was watching Robin Hood BBC tv show, now listening to H.I.M cover of "wicked games"

#2 Are you smoking shisha? If so, what brand&Flavor? About to smoke Plum, Grenadine and Peach mix AF

#3 The most exiting moment you had today? (if you wanna share) Just spending time with my hubby on our day off.

#4 The worst moment you had today? (If you wanna share) None. It's been a good day.

#5 If you could have 1 free Hookah + 1KG Of shisha, Which Hookah/Flavor would it be? Hrm this one is hard. I think I would want one of the mya crystal hookahs. I've been wanting one forever but will NEVER drop the cash on something like this. Plus I hate the color gold and wish it was in silver.
or maybe this one

#6 Something that happened on your local news or you saw during the day that Made you either Happy/Shock you and explain why? Didn't watch the news or hear of anything important. It's been one of those turn off the phone / and not watch the news kind of days.

# 7 - I enjoy the commradery we have here. It's nice to come to a site that really cares for it's members and each other

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