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Default Re: how about the ed hardy

bpetruzzo is right. Even if this Hookah is endorsed by a company that we (all) hate, it doesn't mean that the hookah is bad. For all we know this could be the best hookah ever invented... Unfortunately for EH it is not. Or, at least not from what those who have tried it have said. The real crime here however is the price. Look, even if this WAS a great hookah, the price range of 400-600 dollars is just to much. For that price it would have to be the best hookah/radio/gym membership/swiss watch ever invented. Who is going to drop almost/over half a grand for this hookah?
In this respect it is both insane and insulting to the hookah world. And for EH to not even mention starbuzz in their logo until almost everyone called bs on them? Not the best in business practices if you ask me.
Now as most have said, the Ed Hardy name is now considered to be hand in hand with douchebaggery. It would be like slapping a photo of a burning cross on the damn thing and saying "look, this it hip and edgy. Not many people will like it but the one's that do are with it man!" Will some people get it? Yes. Will some people even buy it... Yes again. This does not mean that it is not the worst thing ever made.
In closing, when seeing a new product such as the EH hookah/shisha, feel free to hate it. But, hate it accordingly, and for what it is. A money grubbing, slave wager using, douche sucking piece of idiocy, and not at the imperfections that the certain items might or might not contain.
And if you like Ed Hardy... You're probably an OK person who might just have what we consider an unfortunate taste in style. But that doesn't make you a bad person so keep on being the most awesome person in your life!
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