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Default Re: nakhla or al fakher?

omg you have never tried al fakher? I guarantee you once you tried al fakhers flavours you will never want to smoke any of the others. Nakhla does not even come close , its harsh its thick when cut, it has loads of stems, the flavours are strong but have no real enjoyable taste.. overall nakhla is not really good, what do i know =/ ive had nakhla apple and mixed fruit and i hated all of them they tasted absolutely horrible everytime, nothing i tried made them taste nice. On the other hand there is nakhla mizo which i have not tried so i can not review it however many people on this website claim it to be very good and that in some cases the flavours better then al fakher.. this i doubt.

Al fakher was a premium quality shisha flavour producer few years ago, due to the boom in hookah bars/shihsa lounges they have changed their production to suit more customers, so the flavours are no longer very strong. They are now very sweet and all have a distinct taste. Some say that the old version of al fakher was much better that it is now. I also share this view however this is not enough for you to not try and fall in love with al fakher, which you surely will.

Al fakher flavours you should try are orange, apple, grape, pomegranate, guava,mint,strawbbery,chocolate,kiwi... all these flavours you should try and mix them up to get your own personal tastes.

Overall in my honest opinion nahkla can never touch al fakher maybe this is because i have become accustomed to al fakhers taste. However many members on this forum like nakhla a lot, why? I dont know. Its all about personal taste but for those who have never had shisha. Al fakher is the way to go!
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