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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

Originally Posted by Bassem View Post
im having a hard time believing your using real silver solder if you didnt have any issues with brass plating.

Matt- you're a metal smith, or glass smith, or something, right? Surely you are aware that sillfoss comes in a huge variety of heat ranges and bonding types? Combine an 0 or 00 small b-tank torch tip with a low melt range sillfoss and you won't affect the plating at all. (You can also temp control the surrounding metal if need be.) If you know what you're doing, which the guy that repair all the hookahs at my lounge certainly do, it's a permanent fix that's better and neater looking then the original joint. And no plating problems.
i have never seen sil fos, but it looks kinda like tig filler rod for copper. we only use silver solder in the stuff here (that or weld). spot heating like that on copper/brass is very bad. the plating i am talking about is not a plating on the surface of the metal that is there you will destroy but the coper plating that develops when you properly heat brass to solder (braze). by spot heating the way you are talking about it gives an uneven temper to the metal and it can lead to air hardening over time which can cause the metal to randomly crack.

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