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Default Big Narghile Party Coming Up!

All My band mates have flown for the start of a mini tour of the Baltics and outside of practicing together we also will be having a couple of narghile the next two nights. Any HPer that can make it out to Nida is of course welcome to crash here after the party. We've got a half barrel of Rodenbach, M & B Mild, Zhiguly Ale & a full barrel of Gottsland Dinka so the good times will roll. We've also got a mountain of Lithuanian country cooking and the best green chile stew ever so it safe to say things will be fun.

I've been setting up tents near the green house and cleaning up my narghiles.

I;ve set aside 2 kilos of El Kif, El Gondoul, some fruity stuff from Salloum for the washed fans and about the same of various Desi Merli flavours so the tobacco frint is taken care of. Of hand i'd say we should have about 20 people here within a day or.
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