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Default Re: how about the ed hardy

Yeah, I'm not really defending the hookah. I would never buy it and I'd advise others against it because there are really excellent hookahs for less than half the price. I'm more just saying that it's not as unreasonable as this thread seems to make it. Provided the hookah doesn't rust and is capable of smoking well, both of which are probably true, then it's not all that crazy. Lots of industries do this kind of thing in order to market to a very specific niche. What makes this strange is that we, as hookah smokers, are already a pretty narrow niche. The Ed Hardy hookah is narrowing that down ever more.

They're not making a hookah for all of us, they're making one for the incredibly small niche of hookah smokers who are also big Ed Hardy fans. When you do something like that, an inflated price tag is inevitable, but not unreasonable.

It's all about what they're marketing and what their market will buy. In this case, I don't think they're primarily marketing a hookah. And in my book as a business man, that's okay.
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