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Default Re: NEW H-S Glass Hookah

Originally Posted by joevincett View Post
I don't know why people think just because it's glass that it will break. I have a KM and my glass Crown hookah and I never drop either of them and I never feel like the glass one is going to break.
I actually managed to crack my Crown Classic bowl. The bowl was sitting next to my sink, right below an outlet that I had a wall charger plugged into. I went to unplug the charger and dropped it. The charger hit the top of the bowl and it ricocheted into the sink. It hit the sink hard, and I do mean HARD. I cringed when it hit and figured for sure it was done for. When the noise ended I pulled the bowl up from the drain and found it was still in one piece. Just a crack up near the top (see pic). This happened well over a month ago and it's still going strong.

Thing is I love this bowl so much that when and if the crack fails completely, I will buy a replacement for it. Like I said, it took quite an (unintentional) effort to cause this damage.
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