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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
I highly doubt he is using silver solder with a pencil torch. He's probably thinking silver-bearing lead-free solder is the same stuff we're referring to and not a copper-tin-silver (and maybe antimony) alloy that is mostly tin.

Oxy-acetylene, air-acetylene, and any hard solder that would require either of those torches are overkill.
well we use pencil torches but granted its on very small pieces usually

Originally Posted by Nate View Post
No i know exactly what i am doing i am a master plum, butt crack and all, and i dont know the specs on the silver, but its yes 99% per silver, some crazy expensive stuff my boss got for some crazy job long before i was around. i will get you a the specs. as for the pencil torch at least that's what i call it, its not easy like copper pipe, i felt it my only choice since it was the only torch handle and work that fits in my mouth, yes my mouth! because i couldn't get it right with the torch, or the hookah in a vise, or anything, trust me it took many attempts to get it just right, all the plating on the hookah is perfectly intact. i havent posted pics here before, and im no computer guru by any means, but ill try and post some.
i still have a very hard time believing it is 99% silver, theres no advantage i can see to that, and since it melts so close to the melting point of copper its kinda risky to use it. if the hookah has brass on it and you used this solder it is impossible that it is 99% silver. once brass is heated up to annealing point (dull red which is i think about 11-1200*f) the zinc burns out on the surface and you get some coper left on it, you get a very splotchy coper coating on the brass. also since silver melts at almost 1800* and brass is below that, you would have been creating a weld. as to expense, even normal jeweler's silver solder is in the lower 20s per troy ounce. i am interested to hear the specs on it but i would be willing to bet that its not basically fine silver wire.

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