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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
He definitely is not using 99% pure silver for reasons you posted, and for sure not doing this with a simple pencil torch, especially considering butane or even propane can only reach a maximum flame temp of just under 2000F without the use of pure oxygen. Silver solders with melting temps closer to 1200-1300F are only ~50% silver with the rest being copper and tin. Brazing at that temperature on a brass hookah with a pencil torch? Yeah, good luck with that.
only easy flow is down to the 50%, and there is very little use for it, hard solder is 76/21/3 (silver,copper,zinc), the lower temp silver solders are really yellow and dont match well. but ya IT (eutectic) solder is about 80/16/4 and has a melting of 1490*f and the only time that is used is for enameling but realistically unless it is really delicate you might as well tig weld it

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