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Default Re: NEW H-S Glass Hookah

Originally Posted by Cnphoto View Post
Hookah-shisha has a new glass hookah that can actually function, personally i wouldnt trust an all glass hookah with the elements of hot and cold. but what do you think?

i would only use for decor`
I wouldn't buy it since it's only 17" and that is too short for a proper session. As for a traveling narghile my Furat Champagne serves that roll perfectly and is very sturdy. As to making a narghile out of glass I suppose it would be fine if the glass was high quality and properly tempered but that is the sort of thing you need see up close and in person so I wouldn't buy it mail order. What really worries me about glass narghiles is that glass is slippery and hard to hold when it's wet and i'd bet that it would get wrecked when you clean it.
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