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Default Re: Help me improve my smoke?

Moisture/Wetness of the Tobacco: Make sure the tobacco is moist/wet, if it's dry it'll burn to quickly and you'll get a harsh smoke. Also, make sure the tobacco packed doesn't exceed the limit of the bowl, make sure it stays UNDER the rim, and that it's loosely packed. To help with this, sprinkle your tobacco into the bowl.

Heat Management/Foil/Coals: I would def advise you to use foil next time, I've personally never had good experiences with screens, although other people have. Keep the shiny side of the foil down, it helps maintain the heat in the bowl. As with the Quick Lights, someone suggest breaking them in half and spreading them around the rim of the bowl, this is an AWESOME technique that creates longer, smoother smoke, and you end up using less coal. Also, make sure the coals are RED when you put them on top of the foil/screen, there shouldn't be any black areas at all, this increases your intake of carcinogens, cancer causing agents, so blow/fan the coals once they are lit to make sure they're RED.

I've added a link to a Tutorial Video on How to Set Up a Hookah, it's made by Sambooka, and it's very informative, I would def recommend that you check it out.

Have a great smoke session man, I hope this post helped. If you have anymore questions, just post them in the appropriate forum, and I'm sure everyone will help you out. Take care.

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