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Default Re: Solid Brass woes.

Originally Posted by foibled View Post
There are various silver solders with Ag %s around or below 50 but that's beyond the point. I made that statement to give an idea of how much silver is actually in a low temp silver solder.
one of the issues here is the debauchery that is terminology in the metals field. soldering has become a general term covering anything where you are adding in metal and not melting the base metals when it is not the correct term half the time (brazing). in what i do "silver solder" is jeweler's solder which is always 50% or higher silver content, the only other solder i ever use is low temp pewter solder which doesnt have any silver in it. im really not sure what the advantages of having a low temp silver with some silver in it compared to just other cheaper low temp solders, i know there is be different properties but in the end im not sure why they would be used.

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