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Default Re: Okay, what's the best Strawberry?

Strawberry and apple are very hard to replicate accurately. There are a few that I consider good but none that I consider great.

HH is tasty but very... strawberry bubblegum.
AF golden is damn nice but tastes like an artificial strawberry jelly.
Tangiers is ok. It's the most realistic strawberry I have found but it's way too light and easily over powered by the tobacco or molasses in noir. It's ok in lucid.
Fusion Strawberry Daiquiri is tasty and pretty good but very artificial.

These are the top of the barrel in my opinion and experiences so far. I have some SB coming my way that includes one of their strawberry flavors. But as of yet I have never found a strawberry I considered to be "great".

It's sad really.
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