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Default Re: KM w/out ball bearing?

Originally Posted by rubka430 View Post
Thank you very much, I think I will contact with the shop then. Otherwise, not this issue is the first one since we ordered the hookah. First, we wanted to buy a KM World Cup, but they told us that it has been sold out. "Thats OK", we said, they gave us preference if we buy another hookah. This Kafae seemed to be very good at all, and also very cheap, so we bought twice of this. Then they told the bowl which this pipe has also been sold out, we said ok to this one too. They attached an Aladin 2 side bowl, which was broken when my friend opened the box. We always wanted to buy a Vortex, so we don't take care of this little disappointment. The hose is also not an original KM hose, it's a rust resistant EX-L (please don't ask what type of this, I don't know about it). Now I ask 1 f..king question: when someone wants to buy a good waterpipe, especially a Khalil Mamoon, which is one of the best hookah mark out there, all elements of the hookah should be broken, out of stock or ... miss? I think no, it shouldn't. We will contact with this seller, and give them a very BIG negative request. Oh, I'm exhausted now. Anyway, thanks for all that help, see you guys later, and good smoke to everyone!
That would be the first and last time I buy from that vendor... Yikes.. Sorry for the bad luck..
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