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Default For all those that use 3 kings, or any quick lites for that matter, READ!

so ive been a hookah junkie for a while now and have only known about 3 kings coal...theyre easy to light, very conveniant...couple of things i always noticed with them however is that they dont last as long as id like them to last and secondly, and more importantly, the taste of the hookah flavor is extremely light, almost nonexistant and i use starbuzz.. i never understood how i could never get my hookah flavoring to be as good as some of the better hookah bars in my area... so one day im driving, and to my surprise i see a small Arab hookah shop, so i went inside and told the guy the problem and he told me about these wooden charcoals i believe? the whole bag is written in arabic.. he said once u use these, you'll never go back to 3 kings... and wow was he right.. took about 10 minutes to light, but man was it worth it... i lit up 2 hookas for some friends and i, starbuzz guava in one, and starbuzz apple in the other.. and wow the taste was insane... AND it lasted sooo much longer than 3 kings, AND i got a huge bag for a dollar! ok im writing too much, but heres the bottom line, for all those that swear by 3 kings, try wooden charcoal, or the coals that take longer to light, exoticas come to mind?.. once u go with those, u will not go back to 3 kings!
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