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Default Re: For all those that use 3 kings, or any quick lites for that matter, READ!

Most of us go through that stage at some point. That moment for me was in summer (8 months ago) cz i had that little extra time to spend on my hookah. If you 've only smoked QL you dont know what you are missing. IMO (and in order of importance) for a good session you need to have : GOOD SHISHA, GOOD NATURAL COAL (some ql's can get close but never on par) and A CLEAN HOSE. If you got those 3 even with basic knowlagde you can get awesome seesions.
Nowadays I usually use bulk wooden charcoal (NOTE: not briquettes) and when naturals is not a option i either use ASTERI (greek QL coals) or belgian tablets (the 40mm ones) and all my friends chose my place over any hookah lounge in the country.
Note: using 4-5 tiny pieces always tastes better but harder to manage. It takes a bit of time to learn when to ash or add/remove a coal but when you get it right you 'll know.
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