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Default Pigs, smoking a pasole

Recently I had a pretty good smoking party with a whole bunch of eclectic folks that showed up and one them was some weird German hippy chick that for some reason showed up with her pet pig. I suppose that a mishap was bound to happen and sure enough the pig went crazy snorting and causing a ruckus in my kitchen. I ran in and found the card table looking like a bomb had hit it and pasole everywhere. The hippy chick came and fetched the pig consoling it as she hosed it off in the sink. Someone said "I thought that Hajo's parties only involved penguins, crazy skinheads and exploding ale casks? What the hell is the world coming to?"

Not surprisingly I was at a lose for words but after while the party got rolling again and the ale flowed freely. The downside was that my short sleep after the blowout was awoken to the anguished squeals of a porcine digestive track gone awry and a hysterical flower child pleading with me to give her a lift to the vet. While driving to the vet the flower child busted out one of those Swedish portable hookah things like our host Samb has in his video and I smoked some clove flavoured moassel that was pretty good.

An hour later I found myself trying to explain to a vet in my very crappy Lithuanian about the miserable state that had befallen the pig. Luckily a few phone calls got a more capable linguist on the phone who explained the situation and everything settled down for a bit. Such a burst of tranquility was not meant to last however as the vet's secretary saw the hippy girl smoking the odd looking porta-hookah and called the cops. A policeman wanted to know what was going on and I spent about 15 minutes at the local jail before another cop that I knew showed up. He explained to his comrade that I helped out with tactical training from time to time and that what ever weird stuff I was smoking surely wasn't illegal.

Now I am back at home and the pig is on the way to a full recovery. Thus ends a not quite typical Hajo party.
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