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Default My first Tangiers

Hey Folks

So I ordered my very first Tangiers (Noir!). I read a lot about packing it, acclimating it, smoking it. But there are still a few questions left
Do I have to put it into a large box so that it can acclimate well? Or should I spread it on a piece of foil for a few hours before smoking it? Is it true that you can smell if it is acclimated well?
Next step would be packing the funnelbowl. I am using a small tangiers funnel. I'll pack it tight with a fork, tobacco in good contact with the funnel, a very few milimeters below the rim of the bowl. One layer of foil, lots of big holes, even above the funnel itself. Now should I use 3 Coconaras or 4 halves?

Thats it! Answers to my questions and some advice if necessary would be highly appreciated
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