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Default Re: My first Tangiers

Originally Posted by Codeman View Post
I think if I showed my packing of Tangiers, I'd be ridiculed for doing it wrong, but I've had no issues with harshness or lack of smoke/flavor. The first time I packed it I literally did push it down in the bowl and tried to pack it as tight as the original packaging. That seemed a little ludicrous to me, so since then I've grossly under-packed my funnel (by Tangiers standards) and simply used a fork to scrape it away from the edge and funnel (scraping down into the bowl). I probably use ~1/3 what Eric @ Tangiers would say is the appropriate amount of tobacco, based on his vid with **********. When I'm done, it's slightly tighter than sprinkled in - works just fine for me

Yeah alot of members use different techniques to smoke it, some work some dont. I pretty much gave up on Tangiers, gets irritating having to acclimate and all that. I used to pack it the way i described and it worked for me when it would acclimate.
maybe your method will work for the OP.
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