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Most of the herbal tobaccos marketed (excpet "tea-sha" or Evolution) are made with crushed sugar cane(bagasse). Many people don't like to smoke the herbal blends for different reasons. There have been posts in the past about sugar cane and possible health problems due to the particles created when the sugar cane is crushed. For me, what it comes down to is that all smoking is harmful to your health and there has been significantly more research done on the smoking of tobacco than the sugar cane alternatives. I enjoy the qualities of tobacco so I see no reason to use herbal.
Hookah-hookah is a good tobacco but is very temperamental. It has a shredded cut that makes it easier to burn and a lot of people don't like this because other brands are easier to manage. I like Hookah-Hookah because it has a good assortment of flavors and most of these are good and worth trying. Not to mention they have some interesting flavors like peanut butter or grapefruit. I have since switched to Nakhla but Hookah-Hookah was fine when it was all that my local smoke shop carried.

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