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Default Re: Mizo Watermelon and ******* Nats

Originally Posted by Scarcity View Post
Just some things about the two above:
Mizo watermelon- Does this always have a cooling effect to it? It's not the throat tickle like AF2008 but like menthol more. Just wondering as it is sort of bothersome to me.
******* Nats- These are becoming a frustrating hassle. When lighting they have a distinct burning smell, that sticks up my whole room. Also they spark like nuts. I was flipping one over and it pretty much nova'd sparks and forced my to release my tong, resulting in another carpet burn. These are not the instant lights. Do CH coals always spark like crazy? Are there bad batches of these?

Just some things that came up tonight :3
I get this every now and then. Sometimes when I blow them while on the coil just after I unplug it. I ALWAYS light them outside due to the foul odor.
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