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Default Re: Anyone Try Al-Fursan Tobacco?

[FONT=Calibri]Ok here’s the deal…I have been following this thread without getting involved, however I have repeatedly noticed the attacks on people that like and promote this product. They promote it not because they are getting paid but because I have given them samples and they have attended promotional parties for my product. I give samples to people that ask and in return ask that they write honest blogs or reviews for the free samples I send or give them. I have seen my company’s integrity called out repeatedly. And that I can’t stand for…so these are people that have asked for samples and I have plugged your forum Sambooka just like Mad-Hatter asked and I will send him. Some of the new bloggers you are seeing are because I plugged your site to be an honest and open forum. If that isn’t welcome then I will take my company and my plugging for your site somewhere else.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]I stopped plugging other forums because of their judging each other and name calling and other unprofessional practices. I am on the road right now and to see this thread disappoints me to say the least…I have seen threads that plug Nakhla, Fakher, Starbuzz, JM,etc…and none of them have had the “kind” replies this thread has had…no one is forcing you to try or buy anything. At the end of the day word of mouth will spread and our products quality will speak for itself...with or without plugging or blogging.[/FONT]