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Default I can write with mizo mint chall.

So I havnt smoked my nakhla mizo mint in forever!...I ate so much pizza last night that I was in some mint need bad!!!!!

I go and open up the container of mint shisha and I get hit in the face with the smell of permanant marker/dry erase markers. I let it acclimate over night and now its back to being minty awesome sauce.

Anyone ever heard of shisha "unacclimating" itself, I figured that since it was in an air tight container for maybe 1 month (last time I smoked it it was cold weather) so now it being kinda cool and humid here in texas the shisha need acclimation again!

Just made me sad because I really needed some mint after a night at our local pizza bar's all you can eat. (im such a phatty ) So in it's place I had a big tall glass of arabic coffee and smoked some double apple.
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